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Dr Samuel Taylor

Senior Research Associate

Samuel Taylor

LEC Building



Research overview

Sam is a plant physiologist. His research explores the role of leaf gas exchange and photosynthesis in determining plant performance. Sam joined LEC as part of Prof Steve Long’s research group, and works with Prof Martin Parry, Prof Elizabete Carmo-Silva, and the photosynthesis research team in LEC.


At Lancaster, Sam’s work is focused on understanding the response of crop leaves to variable light environments, specifically how photosynthesis recovers from periods of shading (Taylor & Long 2017; Taylor et al., 2020). He is an expert in gas exchange measurements (Taylor & Long, 2019), and has addressed how evolution of C4 photosynthesis has impacted the physiological ecology of grasses (Taylor et al., 2010; Taylor et al., 2012; Taylor et al., 2018Liu et al., 2019; Baird et al., 2021); how C3 and C4 grasses differ in their responses to drought (Taylor et al., 2011; Taylor et al., 2014); and how photosynthetic performance and water-use-efficiency in the biofuel crop switchgrass are affected by genetic factors (Taylor et al., 2016; Lovell et al., 2016).

Career Details

Sam has worked at Bowdoin College, The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Sheffield. He obtained his PhD from the University of York, and has visited institutions in the USA, South Africa and Australia to pursue research.

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