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Dr Samuel Thulin

Formerly at Lancaster University

Samuel Thulin

Current Research

I am interested in relationships between mobilities research, sound studies, and media studies. Currently I am researching developments in mobile sound production. My approach combines research and artistic practice in order to investigate the proliferation of mobile tools, particularly apps available on smart phones and tablets, for working with sound. I am developing the concept of ‘situated composition’ as a way of highlighting how production practices once associated with controlled, sound-proofed, brick and mortar studio environments have become increasingly diffuse and undertaken in a wide variety of contingent contexts. 'Situated composition' also draws attention to the ways in which sonic and social space are composed and composing forces. Key areas of inquiry include questions of how the particular accessibility of mobile sound production tools might create and/or limit possibilities for working with sound, how these tools are developed and how they are taken up by users, and how these tools and practices contribute to understanding relationships between place, mobility, and sound. I am conducting interviews with sound artists, musicians, producers, hobbyists, developers etc. who use mobile tools and techniques, and I am carrying out a series of experiments (in-situ compositions) examining the possibilities of mobile sound production. 

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