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Dr Sarah Chadwick

Former Research Student

Research overview

My research interests lie in judgements of metacomprehension. These are judgements we make when reflecting on the quality and sufficiency of the products of the reading process. For example, 'how well did I understand what I just read?'. These judgements can be elicited by asking individuals about their perceptions of comprehension, including their confidence in, and ease of, understanding. The validity of these judgements is  particularly important in the context of health-related information. Despite the obvious importance of these judgements for future decisions about whether to engage in further comprehension-building activities, our perceptions of text comprehension may not closely reflect the reality of our understanding. The aim of my PhD research is to examine the accuracy of metacomprehension judgements on health-related documents, explore individual differences in the accuracy of these judgements, and consider how metacomprehension judgements might be improved to form a more reliable diagnostic of comprehension.

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