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Dr Satya Savitzky

Former Research Student

Satya Savitzky

Research overview

Currently investigating intersections between globalisation and climate change in the (re)emergence of a 'Northern Sea Route' through the Russian Arctic, which some speculate could soon rival or replace the Suez Canal as major global trade artery, with likely seismic geoeconomic and geopolitical consequences. My research explores turbulence in the transitional spaces of distributive capitalism, focusing on attempts to carve 'lines' through a non-linear environment, and probing the role played by melting sea-ice in the making of especially fragile futures. The research also examines the role of anticipated futures in the making of the present-day Arctic.

Thesis Title

Carving the Northern Sea Route

Research Grants

I am currently beneficiary of an ESRC 1+3 grant.

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