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Dr Satya Savitzky

Former Research Student

Satya Savitzky


Dr. Satya Savitzky 1980-2022. 

Satya sadly passed away in 2022. He was working at the Marine Governance group at the interdisciplinary Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB) in Oldenburg, Germany, where he held the post of postdoctoral Research Scientist. With our colleagues there, we remember him with great fondness and respect. While at Lancaster Satya was a shining star in the Centre for Mobilities Research. His prescient work on maritime mobilities in Icy futures: carving the northern sea route and later Cargomobilities: moving materials in a global age is inspiring and increasingly relevant. He was a much loved colleague and friend.

Thesis Title

PhD thesis title: Carving the Northern Sea Route (graduated 2016)

Research Grants

Satya was the beneficiary of an ESRC 1+3 grant.

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