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Sayaka Kidby

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

How do we become us? How do we learn what we know and what we can do? Developmental psychology has tried to understand the trajectories of cognitive, motor and socioemotional development, and we know a lot about how we gain skills in these areas. But our current knowledge often focuses on intra-personal process, whereas how we actually learn in our real life is rather a social, inter-personal process, such as; I see you and I copy you, and you give me feedback so I adjust what I did...

My research aims to understand how what we currently know about infant development is modified by dynamic rhythms of social interaction. I use brain imagining techniques called an EEG as well as behavioural measures to approach these questions. 

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MOTION project (Marie Curie ITN, HORIZON 2020)


Current Research

Interactive brains in uncontrolled environments

funded by European Commision, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

In this project, we will examine how brains interact inside and outside the laboratory. Research into infant cognition has focused almost exclusively on intracognitive processes. But how are these processes dynamically altered by interaction with another person? By linking two EEG systems, we will be able to tell when an infant and a social partner are engaging in multiple aspects of social-cognitive processing. 

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