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Dr Shane Murphy

Research student

Shane Murphy


I am a Phd Student in economics at Lancaster University in Lancaster, England studying with labor economist Colin Green and health economist Bruce Hollingsworth. I am working on a thesis in health facility performance.

My interests are in applied microeconomics, microeconometrics, health economics, global health, and health measurement. My past work involved measurement of health, measurement of health care provision, health inequality, and determinants of health.

I also have ongoing work with Dean Jamison and Stephan Vergeut of the Disease Control Priorities Network on the distributional effects of health interventions in low- and middle-income countries. Please look at my CV for more information about me and about my previous experiences.

In the past year at Lancaster I was a TA for econ 101, a year long introductory economics course. Lecture notes, handouts and coursework can be found on Moodle.

Research Interests

Health Economics, Microeconometrics, Global Health, Economics of Education, Equity

Supervised By

Bruce Hollingsworth, Colin Green

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