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Dr Shane Rothwell

Plant Science Laboratory Manager

Shane Rothwell

LEC Building



Research overview

Shane is a soil and crop scientist and Senior Research Associate working on the GFS funded RePhoKUs project. His research background is in both plant stress physiology and crop nutrient availability. Aspects of his work include how yield depression can sometimes occur with recommended rates of liming through phosphorus deficiency and the underlying physiological mechanisms behind this negative growth response in legume crops (peas and beans); and novel approaches to measuring crop phosphorus bioavailability for more informed fertiliser decision making. Shane also has previous experience of working in Knowledge Exchange and is passionate about engaging with farmers to help deliver sustainable, resilient and productive farming systems. In his current role, Shane is assessing how better management of the phosphorus flows through the food system could contribute to a more circular phosphorus economy, identifying potential strategies for increased resilience and sustainability in the UK food system.

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