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Sharon Lemac-Vincere

Formerly at Lancaster University

Sharon Lemac-Vincere


PhD: Socio-Legal Investigation

MSc in Applied Social Research & Criminology

MSc in HRM

LLB (Hons) 

B.A Corporate Communications

Training courses:

Media and social media (research)[2021]; Advance Risk Management [2021];Risk Management [2021]; Advance Project Management [2021]; Project Management [2021]; Kaizen Project Management [2020]; ILM Change Management [2019]; Leaders of Learning [2019]; Diplomacy in the 21st Century [2019]; Forensic Psychology [2019]; Mental Toughness Trainer [2012]; Leadership Development Programme [2012]; Kaizen Brain Friendly Training  [2011]; Social Marketing [2011]; Child Development Psychology [2011]   


Research Interests


Female Entrepreneurs in the 'Space Sector'

Cyberspace: Cyber Security in the Commercial Space Sector

Gender Based Violence in Further and Higher Education

Domestic Abuse and the Family Court System

Trial by Social Media

Youth Entrepreneurship 

Barriers to Entrepreneurship 

Current Teaching

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Principles and Practices

Social Innovation (The Good Dividends Model)

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