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Dr Shashi Balain

Formerly at Lancaster University

Shashi Balain


Shashi has a PhD in Psychology with specialization in the field of performance management. He has an MBA from Lancaster University Management School. Building on his PhD work, he has examined the sensitivity of individual, team, and organizational performance to the policies and practices of the organization in general and HRM practices in particular. He has over seven years of experience in this field.

Before joining the Centre for Performance-led HR, he worked as a research associate at the Institute of Work Psychology (IWP), University of Sheffield on research funded by the National Health Service’s Service Delivery Organization (SDO). The major aim of the project was to review the existing state of research on the linkage between HRM policies and organizational performance. The review also looked at methodical soundness of research on this theme using the systematic review methodology. The project evaluated all the longitudinal studies conducted in this field and culminated in an “evidence based report”.  From thousands of HR recipes proposed by academicians and consultants in a bid to improve organizational performance, the report identified what works and what does not. The project provided vital inputs to the on-going restructuring of HRM policies and practices in NHS.

He is well-versed in various research methodologies and has used both quantitative and qualitative techniques in his research work. He is skilled in conducting “Systematic Review”, a methodology of immense repute in the health sector, which is now attracting a lot of interest in the management discipline too.

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