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Sheelagh Semper

Research student

Sheelagh Semper

Lancaster University

County South



Research Interests

My main interests are in digital technologies, disability, and accessibility. I'm particularly interested in non-traditional students and their paths to education, as well as first-generation student experiences in higher education.  

My PhD research focuses on the experiences of students with acquired brain injuries in online learning environments. 


I have a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Design from the University of Saskatchewan.

During the day, I am a learning and development specialist who focuses on accessibility and inclusion. By night, I transform into a non-traditional, adult learner. 

In my spare time I read anything I can get my hands on and have far too many types of tea in my pantry (78 at last count). I overuse commas and parenthesis when writing, babble on social media platforms but hide in the corner at live social events, and am finally learning to knit socks.

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