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Dr Siobhan McGrath

Formerly at Lancaster University

Siobhan McGrath


I take a political economy perspective and an interdisciplinary approach. I have mainly worked on issues of labor, work and employment. I have also been working with the Global Production Network (GPN) framework.

My doctoral research at the University of Manchester's Institute of Development Policy and Management analysed the labour dynamics of production networks in two cases of 'slave labour' in Brazil. I continue to be interested in forced labour (and related concepts such as unfree labour and human trafficking). Linked to this is an interest in degrading conditions of employment, precarious work and unregulated work characterized by workplace violations. Finally, I am interested in Brazil's role as a Rising Power.

My work has been published in academic journals including: Antipode; Geoforum; Work, Employment & Society; Urban Geography; and International Labour Review.

I am the Lancaster Pathway lead for the Development and Humanitarianism Pathway of the ESRC's Northwest Doctoral Training Centre, through which potential PhD students may be eligible for funding. 

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