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Dr Stephan Kolassa

Honorary Researcher

Stephan Kolassa

The Management School



Research overview

  • Retail forecasting at a highly granular level (e.g., stock keeping unit × store × day)
  • Retail inventory control, especially for perishables
  • Intermittent demand forecasting
  • Forecast accuracy measures

Supervised By

Ingo Althöfer, Jena University, https://www.minet.uni-jena.de/fakultaet/iam/l_althoefere.html

Professional Role

I work in a development team at SAP Switzerland AG, which develops forecasting and replenishment solutions for retail. My responsibilities include:

  • conception, prototyping and testing of forecasting and replenishment algorithms
  • liaison with product/solution management, software development, analytics, implementation, sales and marketing functions
  • contact with customers
  • internal and external algorithmic and statistical training
  • supervision of M.Sc. theses and internships
  • academic research

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