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Professor Steven Jones


  1. ORBIT REDUX: Maximising effectiveness of a feasible, valued and safe online intervention for bipolar disorder: RCT of an improved treatment

    Murray, G., Jones, S., Berk, M., Michalak, E., Johnson, S., Morton, E., Thomas, N., Meyer, D. & mihalopoulos, C.


    Project: Research

  2. Understanding bipolar experiences report

    Jones, S., Lobban, F., Cooke, A. & Hemmingfield, J.


    Project: Consultancy

  3. Online Recovery Toolkit

    Jones, S.

    Silvercloud Health Limited


    Project: Research

  4. DoH IAPP funds: DoH IAPP funds

    Jones, S., Hollingsworth, B., Lobban, F. & Lobban, F.

    Department of Health


    Project: Research

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