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Dr Susie Balderston

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

Specialises in tackling rape, violence against women, disablist hate crime, deaths in detention and institutional abuse against disabled people.

Disciplines: Victimology, criminology (ethics and jurisprudence - end of life and rape), sociology, disability studies (health and social care).  

Affiliated to the Centres for Violence and Society, Crime, Law and Justice, Centre for Disability Research and UNESCO Gender Research Group at Lancaster University.   

Contract research: Currently leading the 'Victim-Centred' strand of a Review of Anti-Trafficking work (as part of a European Study led by Sylvia Walby).  This includes services for women trafficked for sexual exploitation, justice, compensation, prevention and reintegration into society. 
Evaluating the impact of two voluntary sector, three year projects (a women's drug and sex work intervention service and advice work after gendered violence).  
Ongoing research: tackling rape and preventable deaths in detention and institutions, disablist hate crime and assisted suicide.  

Career Details

Susie is a Research Fellow in social policy and criminology (violence against women).  
She specialises in tackling social inequalities, ethics and human rights, particularly with regard to disability, violence against women and safeguarding (statutory and voluntary sectors).  

Susie gained her Ph.D. from Lancaster University Law School; it was the first Doctorate concerned with interventions, with victims and Survivors of disablist hate crime and rape.  Supervisors were Professor Paul Iganski and Professor Sue Wise and the thesis was examined by Barbara Perry (Ontario) and Sarah Beresford (Lancaster University).  

Susie is Policy Director of a social enterprise of disabled people in Tyne and Wear (which she co-founded in 2003) and has conducted user-led policy development, training and evaluation in health and social care with the Department of Health, 32 local authorities, NHS Trusts and Police Forces in the last ten years.  

Susie has served as an advisor to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Statutory Inquiry into Disability Harassment, EU Daphne four country research project with disabled women after violence and NIHR Barriers and Discrimination in Healthcare research.  She was a lecturer in Social Policy at University of Salford for two and a half years until February 2017.  

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