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Szymon Urbas

Research student

Research overview

I am a first year PhD student at the STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training. My project is on the prediction of the recruitment to Phase III clinical trials. As most current methodologies over-estimate the recruitment, there is a need for realistic probability models and robust statistical inference models. The project is in partnership with AstraZeneca. My supervisors are Chris Sherlock (Lancaster) and Paul Metcalfe (AstraZeneca).

I did my undergraduate degree in mathematical science at National University of Ireland, Galway. During my undergraduate degree, I undertook an internship in the numerical analysis, where I looked at numerically solving fractional-order differential equations using hp-finite element methods. My final year project was on establishing causality using graphical models and structural equation models. It involved collaborating with a PhD student from the Dublin City University in analysis data on the hospitality industries in different economic markets. The experience of statistical consultancy in an academic setting is what led me to STOR-i.

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