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Dr Ting Zhang

Formerly at Lancaster University

Ting Zhang

Research Interests

Ting received her PhD degree in Geographical Information Science from Nanjing Normal University in 2008 and was awarded the Nanjing Normal University Principal's Scholarship for deserving students in her year. She was working on digital terrain analysis with DEM data, especially in the spatial pattern analysis, spatial correlation and spatial statistics. Her PhD investigated scaling effect of drainage network. It makes effort on finding an approach to select suitable analysis scales for the drainage gully network, discern multi-scale characteristics of the gully network and decompose the multi-scale characteristics into several single scale parts and their interacting parts.

From 2009 Ting worked on the delivery of Phosphorus and Faecal Indicator Organisms from agricultural sources to watercourses (PEDAL II project). It develops a fuzzy rule based model predicting P and FIO delivery coefficients and incorporates mitigation measures effectiveness with  the help of visual assessment. A Graphic User Interface is also developed to help better represent the model results. The project results will allow environmental managers to target the implementation of mitigation measures (e.g. the programmes of measures to be made operational in WFD River Basins by December 2012).

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