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Dr Tony Sharpe

Formerly at Lancaster University

PhD supervision

I would be interested in supervising any students whose research topics fall within Modern and contemporary writing in English, but particularly those working on poetry.

Research Interests

Tony Sharpe 's main research interests are in modern British and American literature, with a particular but not exclusive emphasis on poetry. In addition to articles and chapters, his principal mongraphs to date have been on Vladimir Nabokov (1991), T.S. Eliot (1991), Wallace Stevens (2000) and W.H. Auden (2007). Most recently he has edited a collection of essays, W. H. Auden in Context (Cambridge University Press, 2013).  He has also published essays which explore the creative side of critical writing.  He is interested in connections between writing and place, writing and religion, and the extension of the book beyond textuality. 

He is himself a Dorset man happily transplanted to Cumbria, where he lives with his wife and children.


Current postgraduate students:

Siobhan Campbell (creative writing Ph.D. jointly with Paul Farley)

Qiang Huang (T.S. Eliot and Politics)

Research overview

My research interests are in modern and contemporary English and American writing, with a particular but not exclusive interest in poetry.  Most of my books have focused on poetry (Eliot, Stevens, Auden), and my most recent has been an edited collection of essays about Auden from Cambridge University Press (2013).  My current research continues these interests, including work on Auden and Stevens as well as on more contemporary writers, and at a broader level connects with areas such as: writing and landscape (or place); writing and the religious impulse; writing and seeing (including the extension beyond textual into visual), and critical creativity.

Research overview


I am about to retire and so cannot accept any new research students for supervision.

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