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Dr Victoria Rawlings

Formerly at Lancaster University


Bachelor of Education (Hons) (Sydney)- 2007

PhD (Sydney)- 2013

Current Research

Vic is currently working on the Queer Futures research study that is exploring the self-harm and suicidal feelings of young LGBTQ young people with Dr Liz McDermott. 

Research overview

Vic's research background is in Educational Sociology. Her PhD investigated the links between social structures, gender and bullying policies in secondary schools in Australia. She continues to examine the ways that young people experience gender policing, for example through physical, verbal or social violences, and how these acts demonstrate expectations of heterosexual sex and gendered binaries. She is also interested in the ways that discourse can fortify or disrupt these kinds of interactions. Her current research in the Queer Futures project extends on these themes where she is investigating how processes of social and cultural discrimination are influencing the lives of young LGBTQ people- particularly in terms of their self-harm and suicidal feelings. She is interested in showing the ways that young people experience and cope with this marginalisation in different ways, as well as how health services can be improved to help those who are distressed. 

Research Interests

Gender, Sexuality, Education, Self-Harm, Suicide, Discourse, Language, Discrimination, Gender Regulation

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