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Dr Vivek Nair

Formerly at Lancaster University

Vivek Nair

Research overview

Interested in the field of Energy storage, Off-grid energy systems, Carbon capture and carbon products.


Phd Material Science Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

PhD Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Loughborough University, UK

B.Tech(Hons.) Bioengineering, SASTRA University, UK

Career Details

Awards : 

1)  Forbes “30 under 30”, (Global list) Energy category, 2012

2)  MIT TR’ 35 list of Innovators, Materials category, 2012

3) NRDC, Gov. of India award for Meritorious Invention, 2012

4)  INK Fellow 2012

5)  Institute of Engineers, Singapore “Most Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award”, 2013 for PhD project

6) “Indians of Tomorrow”, India Today, 2013

7 ) Won in more than 20 technical and business plan competitions worldwide. 

Invited Talks :

  1. INK Talk, Pune, 2012
  2. TIECON Talk, 2014
  3. Forbes Interview, 2012
  4. BITS Pilani Talk

Conferences (presented):

  1. UKES[2016]
  2. Energy & Materials Research conference, Spain [2015]
  3. ICSST Singapore[2014]
  4. TIECON, SF, US[2014]
  5. INK Conference,India[2012]
  6. Technonomy, AZ,US[2011]

Co-Founded/ Spin-offs :

1) Salus Nanotechnologies Pte Ltd, Singapore (www.salusnano.com)

2) Clean Carbon Technologies Pte Ltd, South Africa(www.cleancarbontechnologies.com)

Dr. Vivek has worked for Energy Research Institute at NTU where he was the technical lead which lead to a University spin-off "Printed Power Pte Ltd", involved in developing wireless sensor network for energy efficiency and IOT market and "Karboneum Pte Ltd", which develops reactors that turn municipal solid waste into carbon nanostructures. 

Current Research

1) Testing LTO battery packs for developing large energy storage systems for stationary micro-grid applications.

2) Sodium ion battery: Novel cathode and anode materials synthesis and development.

3) Flooded batteries to replace conventional lead acid batteries 

Additional Information

Selected Publications :

 1) Symmetric Aqueous Rechargeable Lithium Battery Using Na1.16V3O8Nanobelts Electrodes for Safe High Volume Energy Storage Applications, Vivek Sahadevan Nair, Yan Ling Cheah, Srinivasan Madhavi, J. Electrochem. Soc. 2014 161(3): A256-A263

 2) Crystalline Li3V6O16 Rods as High-Capacity Anode Materials for Aqueous Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (ARLB); Vivek Sahadevan Nair, S. Sreejith, P. Borah, S. Hartung, N. Bucher, Y. Zhao and M. Srinivasan, RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 28601-28605

 3) Sodium Vanadium Oxide - a new material for high-performance symmetric sodium ion batteries, Steffen Hartung, Nicolas Bucher, Vivek Sahadevan Nair, Cheah Yan Ling, Yuxi Wang, Harry.E. Hoster, Madhavi Srinivasan, ChemPhysChem, 2014, DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201402020R1

4) The fabrication of LiMn2O4 and Na1.16V3O8 based full cell aqueous rechargeable battery to power portable wearable electronics devices; Vivek Sahadevan Nair, Sivaramapanicker Sreejith, Yanli Zhao, Andrew West, S. Madhavi, Mater. Design, 2015, DOI: 10.1016/j.matdes.2015.12.114


Patents :

1. Patent application No. : 61/760,347 (US Provisional)

Inventors: 1) Vivek S. NAIR; 2) Madhavi SRINIVASAN; 3) CHEAH Yan Ling

 Title: Novel Symmetric Aqueous Rechargeable Batteries With High-Power And Energy

Densities As Well As Superior Cycling Stability Using Nanostructures Of Ammonium, Alkali-Metal, Alkali-Earth Metal Vanadium Oxide Bronze  Compounds As Both Cathode And Anode Electrodes.

 A PCT International Patent Application No. PCT/SG2014/000044 was filed on 04 February 2014 for the invention titled” Method Of Preparing A Vanadium Oxide Compound And Use Thereof In Electrochemical Cells”.

Full patent details :

US Application number : 14/761,581

Filing date : 16 July 2015 with accorded filing date of 4 February 2014


2. Patent Application No. : United States 61/868,207 [Filing Date : June 20, 2013]

Singapore Patent Granted on 25 Jul 2016: l 1201600768X

Inventors : 1) Wong Chui Ling; 2) Vivek Nair; 3)Madhavi Srinivasan;



3. US Patent application No. : 61/837,463  [Filing date: 20 June 2013]

Title: Rechargeable Battery [sodium ion battery using hewettites]

Inventors: 1) Steffen Uwe HARTUNG; 2) Nicholas Joachim BUCHER; 3) Vivek S. NAIR; 4) Madhavi SRINIVASAN; 5) Harry Ernst HOSTER


4. US Patent application No. : 61/772,780  [Filing date: 5 March 2013]

Inventors: 1) KANHERE Pushkar Dilip; 2) CHEN Zhong; 3) NAIR Vivek; 4) SRINIVASAN Madhavi

Title: Multifunctional nanocomposites coatings and their applications thereof

The current technology & IP is in the process of being licensed to “Salus Nanotechnologies Pte Ltd,Singapore” which is a spin-off start-up company from ERIAN & NTU started by the Inventors : Vivek Nair & Pushkar Kanhere


 5. EU Patent Application PCT/IN2012/000105 & India Patent Application 1726/MUM/2011

Inventors: Vivek Nair

Title Process for Production of Carbon Filaments(CNTs) from Industrial and Vehicular Exhaust

IP licensed to Clean carbon technologies pte, South Africa



Other Interests and Hobbies

Entrepreneurship | Enabling Tech start-ups globally