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Yaling Zhang

  1. Data from: Mesoclosures – increasing realism in mesocosm studies of ecosystem functioning

    Lähteenmäki, S. (Creator), Zhang, Y. (Creator), Hardwick, B. (Creator), Schiffler, G. (Creator), Louzada, J. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Roslin, T. (Creator), Dryad, 2016, 10.5061/dryad.4kh20


  2. Data from: The importance of species identity and interactions on multifunctionality depends on how ecosystem functions are valued

    Zhang, Y. (Creator), Kirwin, L. (Creator), Bell, T. (Creator), Philipson, C. D. (Creator), Lewis, O. T. (Creator), Roslin, T. (Creator), Dryad, 2018, 10.5061/dryad.650fk


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