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Dr Yasir Soobiah

Formerly at Lancaster University

Yasir Soobiah


Yasir is a research associate in the Department of Physics at Lancaster University, working with Professor Jim Wild on the Solar Wind Interaction with Mars. Yasir began his research studying for a PhD in Planetary and Space Physics with the University of College London’s Department of Space and Climate Physics and graduated in 2009. Yasir’s first postdoctoral position was with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF) in Kiruna, Sweden, and has now started his second position with Lancaster University.

Research overview

Yasir's current research aims to investigate the solar planetary coupling at Mars, in particular the space plasma processes that occur across the different interaction regions between the solar wind, the upper atmosphere of Mars and magnetic field of crustal origins, which has influenced the evolution of the planet and its ability to sustain life and also produce phenomena such as the Martian aurora and the formation of magnetic flux ropes.

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