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Zanele Wood

Lecturer in Clinical Learning

Zanele Wood

Bowland North




Zanele is a Solicitor and Lecturer of Clinical Legal Education. She is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. As a Solicitor, Zanele specialises in family law. Prior to joining academia, Zanele worked for a firm of solicitors based in West Yorkshire where she primarily undertook family law work.

Zanele is a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool. The title of her thesis is 'Same-sex Marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Barriers to the Realisation of Marriage Equality'.

Current Teaching

Family law

Law Clinic related modules

Zanele is interested in supervising dissertations and projects in Family law and Clinical Legal Education

Research Interests

Zanele's research interests are in family law and the regulation of same-sex relationships in Africa. Zanele`s research is interdisciplinary and examines the criminalisation of same-sex relationships, LGBT+ rights and human rights.

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