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Dr Zheng Wang

Formerly at Lancaster University

PhD supervision

I'm interested in supervising students in any of the areas listed below:

Many-core Systems
Compiler Optimisation
Power and Energy Optimisation
Runtime Adaptation and Dynamic Runtime Optimisation
Heterogeneous Parallelism Optimisation
GPGPU Optimisation
Auto-tuning and Machine Learning Techniques


I have moved to the University of Leeds. Please find my latest information at https://zwang4.github.io


Research overview

I am interested in developing new methods and building systems to allow computers to adapt to the ever-changing environment. My research often uses machine learning as a design methodology. My work draws from, combines and contributes to the areas of compiler-based code optimisation, runtime scheduling, parallel programming and applied machine learning. My recent research also targets systems security.


I am a recipient of the Best Paper Award in PACT 2010, CGO 2017, PACT 2017, CGO 2019, the Best Presentation Award at PACT 2010, a HiPEAC paper award in 2009, and Best Paper Nomination/Finalist in CCS 2018.

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Career Details

Academic Qualifications:

PhD in Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, UK

PGCAP Certificate, Lancaster University


Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, Sept.  2018- 2019

Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, 2013 - 2018

Research Fellow, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, 2011-2013

Research Staff member, IBM, 2005-2007

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