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Dr Zhiqin Wu

Former Research Student

Zhiqin Wu

Research overview

Zhiqin’s main research interests are in the areas of copyright law and collective management of copyright and related rights, in particular collective management organisations, online copyright infringement, and copyright licensing contracts. More generally Zhiqin is also interested in Chinese law.

Thesis Title

Regulating Joint Management of Copyrights for Online Uses in Musical Works: an International Perspective

Thesis Outline

Zhiqin’s research will examine the copyright licensing policies from national, regional and international levels to propose a global regulatory framework on copyright licensing activities in musical works for online uses. Authors’ economic rights have not been protected well on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the public believe that the current copyright legal framework over-protect right-holders. In response to thecontradictory phenomenon and with the consideration of users’ interests and cultural diversity, her research will discuss about the restoration of collective management organisations’ (CMOs) multiple functions to balance different interests at stake.

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