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This mid-scale multimedia performance explores notions of memory and delusion and their relationship to contemporary narrative. The piece attempts to suture graphic novel aesthetics onto theatrical conventions to explore new dramaturgical possibilities for contemporary theatrical storytelling. It received £98,000 Arts Council funding and was a Live Wire Commission at the Nuffield. It received reviews in The Guardian, The Times, Metro and The Observer, where it was described ‘as near as dammit a total work of art…’ (See www.imitatingthedog.co.uk for further information and links to reviews).

Kellerman primary research questions focused on exploring new dramaturgical structures made possible by focusing on the aesthetics of the graphic novel. Research questions focused on the following:
1) What new theatrical possibilities are made possible by exploring graphic novel aesthetics and how might theseaesthetics be used in contemporary storytelling?
2) How does contemporary thinking on time, particularly quantum theories of temporality, create new possibilities for staging investigations into memory and delusion?
3) In what ways do digital technologies open up new questions around the staging of the modern subject – how valid is the notion that the contemporary subject is a figure that is always enduring a process of erasure?

Bibliographic note

National Tour: West Yorkshire Playhouse, Bristol Old Vic, Exeter Northcott, Lowry, Manchester, Cochrane Theatre, London, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster, Theatre Royal, Winchester, Made in Britain Festival, National Theatre of France, St Etienne.