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Microscope illumination

Research output: Patent

Patent number4652093
IPCG02B 2764
<mark>Original language</mark>English


The invention relates to the illumination of optical instruments such as microscopes or auriscopes by means of the light from light-emitting diodes (L.E.D.) (6, 50). Advantageously, the light from the diodes may be strobed. Examples described include the positioning of L.E.D.'s (6) at the focal point of the inverted condenser lens (2) of a microscope, and the inclusion of a plurality of L.E.D.'s (50) in the probe portion (38) of an auriscope. In the latter case, the device may also be provided with a source of frequency-controlled sound (28) channelled through the probe portion (38).
Patent number: 4652093
Filing date: 16 Nov 1983
Issue date: 24 Mar 1987
Inventors: Richard O. Stephen, Colin D. Ockleford
Assignee: Gwyndann Group Limited
Primary Examiner: Vincent J. Lemmo
U.S. Classification 350/500
International Classification
G02B 2764