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E3: Edge Of Tomorrow: Understanding The Impacts Of IoT Cybersecurity And Datafication To Co-design A Sustainable Edge

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The Edge of Tomorrow (ET) project investigates the relationship between cybersecurity, datafication and sustainability at the Edge with the aim of helping to improve the acceptability and adoption of more secure and sustainable IoT devices and systems. The number of active IoT devices is expected to double over the next 5 years. This rapid expansion is creating more opportunities for external actors (human and machine) to carry out cyber-attacks upon devices and systems. Such attacks can increase both the volume of datafication generated and the amount of energy consumed by the IoT. Crucially, greater energy use results in the release of greater amounts of harmful carbon emissions (CO2) which directly contribute to climate change. To respond to these critical issues, in close collaboration with BBC R&D partner, this project aims to 1) understand end-user and expert perceptions of the impacts of cyber-attacks and data upon sustainability; 2) generate key guidelines for the Sustainable Edge which BBC R&D can embed into the design of their future data-driven devices and service; 3) raise awareness of the wider need for society to adopt greener technologies to meet important 2030 net zero decarbonisation mandates.
Short titleEdge of Tomorrow
Effective start/end date1/05/2131/01/22


  • EPSRC: £33,361.55

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