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E3: IAA ESRC EPSRC: The Repair Shop 2049: Exploring the Role of Physical-Digital Technologies in Shaping Future Local Sustainable Repair Ecosystems

Project: Research



ESRC: £7,213.50
EPSRC: £7,213.50

Working in collaboration with our community partner The Making Rooms Blackburn, this IAA ESRC EPSRC funded project will focus on the limitations of the recently implemented Right-to-Repair legislation which does not account for the repair of Internet of Things (IoT) devices whose unsustainable disposal actively contributes to electronic waste and material scarcity. Using the notion of a future high street ‘Repair Shop’ as its lens, the project will bring together community stakeholders to collectively envision pathways for developing new localised device repair ecosystems and circular economies.
Short titleThe Repair Shop 2049
Effective start/end date1/12/2131/08/22

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