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The Emergency project uses drawing to examine artefacts emerging from alpine glaciers as a result of climate change as the ice in which they have been preserved for 50, 500 or 5000 years is melting at unprecedented rates. This rare and valuable archaeology provides important knowledge about human past, yet insight comes at the cost of environmental change and threatened futures.

The Emergency project asks how might processes of drawing and sculpture - with their respective narratives of marking and erasure, substance and absence - negotiate these ideas and find ways of thinking through loss and change? Research has been supported by a Henry Moore Institute Research fellowship June 2021- May 2022 and is developed from drawing examples of glacial archaeology at Sion History Museum, Switzerland in 2019 - 2022

Outcomes to date include a group of 70 large scale drawings made with powdered graphite between two sheets of fine waxed paper fused together, if it gets too hot the image will melt and distort.
A further series of shadow drawings/photo sculptures have also been developed with the working title Things that no longer exist.
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