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KTP with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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The KTP builds on a recently completed pilot study and will use medical education simulation case studies and inter-professional events as test-cases for developing an e-learning strategy and implementation plan for the Lancashire NHS Trust. The Trust is linked to Manchester University for the delivery of undergraduate medicine and clearly promotes continued learning and development for their 7000 staff having substantial facilities for education. The KTP project will help the Trust to develop a robust e-learning strategy and implementation plan for supporting organisational capacity and capability in e-learning developments and innovative use of e-resources in line with the NHS-NW e-learning Strategy.

The major focus of the project will be the expansion of the advanced Simulation Laboratory.Currently, the Simulation Facility is used exclusively for site-based learning. The KTP will provide a thorough examination of simulated medical scenarios, and provide a learning design template for moving parts of simulation training from site-based to Moodle-based instruction, including podcasting of formal presentations, electronic distribution of associated literature, video assessment of learners' performance in the Simulation Lab, as well as retrospective and comparative tutor and learner reviews of performance over time. This move will increase efficiency of Simulation facility time, provide a rich resource for reflective learning, and allow for rubric-based assessment of video-recorded simulation scenarios against standardised learning outcomes. The knowledge partners will be working with Trust staff to develop pilot programmes, assessment and evaluation models, and most importantly, to distil and disseminate lessons learned and good practices for implementing effective flexible and distance learning models across the Trust and beyond.

The development of the e-learning strategy and implementation plan for combined site-based and technology enabled distance, flexible and blended learning will include the following outputs:

•Alignment of uses of educational technologies and pedagogical practices to enhance teaching and learning practices within the Trust to support patient care and enhance patient safety.

•Development of simulation-based best practices for dissemination within the Trust, across the NHS, and beyond to broader health, medicine, and interdisciplinary training initiatives.

•Combined Trust and Knowledge partners' development of a business case for cost-recovery expansion of the Simulation facility into a Centre for Excellence in Simulation-based teaching and learning for the North West region.

Note: Gale Parchoma and Maria Zenios are working on this project with Professor Tony Gatrell, Dean of the School of Health & Medicine.
Effective start/end date31/01/1130/01/13


  • Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust: £118,075.00

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