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Lifestyle, social media and alcohol consumption

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This is project, in collaboration with Professor Isabelle Szmigin at Birmingham University, seeks to examine lifestyle implications of social media and alcohol consumption from three interlinking perspectives: public and user perceptions of risky behaviour around alcohol; social media marketing of alcohol and young people’s presentation of their behaviour around alcohol on social networking sites; and the content and nature of alcohol marketing websites and social media marketing, e.g. companies’ Facebook Pages and Twitter feeds. The research will engage with young people in person and via Facebook, and other interested parties including alcohol companies and those involved with managing alcohol consumption issues in local communities. The results will inform understanding of young people’s lifestyles and alcohol consumption and be of value to public policy, regulatory bodies and local community organisations, and others dealing with alcohol issues.
AcronymLifestyle, social media and alcohol consumption
Effective start/end date1/01/151/01/16


  • The European Association for Alcohol Research: £6,331.00