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Localising Global Christianity: Worship, Theology and Ecclesiology

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Studying World Christianity offers wide ranging challenges, precisely because of its ‘global’ nature. The heterogeneity and plurality of lived Christian experience cannot simply be understood as a universal process. In the recent times there has been much emphasis on the ‘shift’ of Global Christianity to the southern hemisphere. However there has been dearth of interest in studying how this shift is actually being played out in distinct local contexts. With this in mind, this research seeks to address these changes within ‘World Christianity’ through raising questions such as what is ‘World Christianity? Is it just an extension of European Colonial Christianity or old mission studies paradigm? Or this demographic change within Christianity is something genuinely new. The objective of this research is to observe worship, theology and ecclesiology from around the world, which displays a multi-layered and often polyphonic perspective of Christian faith, and strive to argue the inadequacy of the more generalised category ‘World Christianity’ and tease out a localised perspective of lived Christianity in all its complexity.
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