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Dr Annette Ryan

Area Safety Officer, Laboratory Manager, Lab Manager

Annette Ryan

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 594534

Research overview

My research background includes three years working in the Antarctic as a Meteorologist and Physicist, a PhD in Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, and six years working as a Senior Research Associate investigating plant responses to oxidative stress and how efficiently cereal crops use water and alter transpiration in response to changing atmospheric vapour pressure deficit. I now manage the Soils and Ecosystem Ecology Research Laboratory at Lancaster University, supporting the research of six Professors and Lecturers, and approximately 50 research staff and students. The group focuses upon plant-soil interactions, soil and ecosystem biogeochemistry, macronutrient cycles and greenhouse gas emissions. Facilities and techniques available include analysis of C, N and P, PLFA and enzyme assays, raw fibre analysis, plant and soil respiration, greenhouse gas analysis and soil density fractionation. The lab also has a range of field equipment including infra-red gas analysers, soil moisture meters and soil respiration and photosynthesis chambers. My interests lie in exploring new methodological techniques and analysis to enhance the capabilities of the research group.

Web Links

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Research Grants

2007 Successfully bid for student bursary to cover travel, accomodation and conference registration to attend the Gordon Research Conference "Biogenic Hydrocarbons and the Atmosphere" Ventura, CA

2008 Awarded student bursary (£531) to cover cost of conference registration and accomodation at the NCAS conference. 

2012 Successfully bid for financial support from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Lancaster University to purchase a portable photosynthesis system (LiCOR 6400XT). Awarded £30 K

2014 Part of a sucessful bid for financial support to purchase a Total Organic Carbon with Total Nitrogen Analyser (Shimadzu TOC-L-TN).

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