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Dr Kirsti Ashworth

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow

Kirsti Ashworth

Lancaster University




United Kingdom

Research overview

Kirsti is interested in the air that we breathe, and how the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly aromas from vegetation can affect it. Her research focuses on the interactions and feedbacks between the biosphere, atmosphere and society. She aims to bring a fundamental understanding of the complex processes involved in the exchange of trace gases and particles between the land surface and the troposphere to model simulations at a range of spatial and temporal scales. She develops 1-D canopy exchange models to explore and improve our knowledge of how these processes interact, and applies this knowledge to improve 3-D models. She uses these to investigate the impacts of future change, in particular changes in land use and land cover, on air quality, climate, and society.

PhD supervision

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies or postdoctoral research in the field of biosphere-atmosphere interactions as a computer modeller or experimentalist please contact me. I am particularly interested in research that focuses on the the impact of air pollution on crop production, forestry and ecosystems or the explores the nexus of urban air quality, green infrastructure and health.

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