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Dr Jill Anderson

Senior Teaching Associate

Jill Anderson

Bowland North



Tel: +44 1524 840361


Career details

I coordinate the Mental Health in Higher Education project.  I have a first degree in English and a background in mental health social work.  I have taught on pre- and post-qualifying social work programmes at the University of Nottingham, Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria.  

I am currently a doctoral student in the department of Educational Research at Lancaster University.  I work with Researching Equity, Access and Participation and am an associate member of the Centre for Social Justice and Wellbeing in Education.  

I co-ordinate the Developers of User and Carer Involvement in Education network and and co-facilitate  Critical and Creative Approaches to Mental Health Practice, which meets monthly in Lancaster.  I am a member of the editorial collective of Asylum: the magazine for democratic psychiatry.

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Research Interests

I am interested in how learning about mental health (and not just mental ill-health) can be fostered; social justice; public engagement in education; academic development; and third sector social work. 


Peer reviewed publications

May-Chahal, C., Wilson, A., Humphreys, L. & Anderson, J. (2012), Promoting an Evidence-Informed Approach to Addressing Problem Gambling in UK Prison Populations, The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 51(4), 372-386

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Book chapters

Anderson, J. & Holmshaw, J. (2012). Lifelong learning, mental health and higher education: a UK focus. In: P. Ryan, S. Ramon & T. Greacen (eds) Empowerment, Lifelong Learning and Recovery in Mental Health. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN No: 978-0-2302928-5-7 

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Non-refereed papers

Tang, L. & Anderson, J. (2008) Building a Community of Practice: the Mental Health in Higher Education Website, Health Information on the Internet, 65(1): 3-5

Anderson J. (2003) Keeping in Touch, Mental Health Today, September, 24-26


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