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Professor Keith Stringer


Keith Stringer


Tel: +44 1524 592649

Current Teaching


Research Interests

Professor Stringer's researches focus on the related fields of medieval state-making, noble power-structures, religious reform, cultural exchanges, and the construction of regional, national and supra-national identities, with the emphasis on the developing Scottish and English polities (1100–1300), and the world of ‘middle Britain’ (1100–1400). From 2002 he has led or co-led three externally funded research projects: (1) Border Liberties and Loyalties in North-East England, c.1200–c.1400 (Leverhulme Trust: CI, 2002–6); (2) The Norman Edge: Identity and State-Formation on the Frontiers of Europe, c.1050–1200 (AHRC: PI, 2008–11); and (3) The Breaking of Britain: Cross-Border Society and Scottish Independence, 1216–1314 (AHRC: CI, 2010–13).

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