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Professor Keith Stringer

Emeritus Professor

Keith Stringer

Bowland College



Tel: +44 1524 592649

PhD supervision

Professor Stringer would like to hear from students interested in writing dissertations and theses on topics that would fall under the following headings:

Britain and Ireland (1100-1300).
Anglo-Scottish Relations (1100-1300).
Regional History, especially the Anglo-Scottish Borders (1100-1400).
Social and Political Identities in Medieval Britain and Ireland.

Students writing essays and dissertations might be interested in the following guide to websites useful for the study of medieval history. http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/history/resources/medieval.htm

Current Teaching


Research Interests

Professor Stringer's researches focus on the related fields of medieval state-making, noble power-structures, religious reform, cultural exchanges, and the construction of regional, national and supra-national identities, with the emphasis on the developing Scottish and English polities (1100–1300), and the world of ‘middle Britain’ (1100–1400). From 2002 he has led or co-led three externally funded research projects: (1) Border Liberties and Loyalties in North-East England, c.1200–c.1400 (Leverhulme Trust: CI, 2002–6); (2) The Norman Edge: Identity and State-Formation on the Frontiers of Europe, c.1050–1200 (AHRC: PI, 2008–11); and (3) The Breaking of Britain: Cross-Border Society and Scottish Independence, 1216–1314 (AHRC: CI, 2010–13).

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