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Professor Andrew Jotischky

Formerly at Lancaster University

Andrew Jotischky

PhD supervision

Professor Jotischky welcomes potential supervision in any topic concerning the Crusades and the Crusader States, especially but not exclusively with reference to religious, cultural and intellectual life. Topics in western medieval religious history, especially monasticism and mendicancy, are also weclomed.

Current Teaching

HIST292, 293, 313 HIST401

Research Interests

  • Monasticism and medieval Religious Orders.
  • Hermits and eremitical spirituality.
  • The Carmelite Order.
  • The Crusades and the Crusader States, especially cultural interaction between Franks and indigenous peoples.

Current research

The Norman Edge: Identity and State-Building on the Fronteris of Europe: AHRC funded project in partnership with Prof Keith Stringer, Dr Alex Metcalfe, Dr Ewan Johnson. See www.lancs.ac.uk/normanedge

Monasticism in the Crusader States: a joint project with Professor Bernard Hamilton (University of Nottingham). A comprehensive survey of Latin and Greek Orthodox monastic and religious houses in the Near East from the 11th to 14th centuries.

Crusaders and Native Peoples: a study of cultural attitudes of Frankish settlers to subject peoples of the Crusader States.

With Dr Sarah Barber and collaborators from Germany, France, USA, Sweden, Finland: Ethnicity and the Construction of Prejudice in Pre-Modern Europe, 1200-1700 (A British-Academy funded international network project).

Research overview

My interests are centred on medieval religious beliefs, traditions and practices, and on religious institutions. I write about medieval monasticism, including mendicant orders; the Crusades and the Crusader States; interactions between Latin and Greek Orthodox Christendom; pilgrimage; food and diet in the Middle Ages.   

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