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Breakthrough Prize 2016

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)

Iain Bertram (Recipient)

Dear Iain Bertram: It is my pleasure to inform you that you and your colleagues at K2K/T2K, KamLAND, Daya Bay, Super-Kamiokande and SNO (the “Experiments”) have been selected to receive the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (the “Prize”), which includes a share of the $3,000,000 awarded for the Experiments’ outstanding achievements. Each of the Experiments will receive one-fifth of the Prize, which shall be further divided among the leaders and individual living members of each Experiment (612 living members of the K2K/T2K Collaboration are eligible to receive a share of the Prize). On behalf of the K2K/T2K Collaboration the Prize was accepted by Prof. Koichiro Nishikawa at the Breakthrough Prize Ceremony on November 8, 2015. Sincerely, Karl Johansson Karl Johansson Director Breakthrough Prize Foundation
Awarded date8/11/2015
Granting OrganisationsBreakthrough Prize Foundation