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FP7: I.Family: Determinants of eating behaviour in European children, adolescents and their parents

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The I Family Study is investigating the determinants of food and lifestyle choices in European children, adolescents and their parents and the impact on lifelong health.

How does family life, built environment, levels of physical activity, plus social, behavioural, psychological and genetic factors impact on the food and lifestyle choices of children as they enter adolescence? By studying thousands of families in eight European countries, this multi-disciplinary project will help unravel these factors and identify effective interventions, enabling more families to make healthier choices.

Lancaster University's contribution to the project focuses on the normative aspects of the study - both in its ethical aspects and its policy implications. We will focus especially on the implications of study findings for commercial and policy actors at European, national and local levels.
AcronymFP7: I.Family
Effective start/end date1/03/1228/02/17


  • European Commission: £430,814.00


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