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Sources and Emissions of Air Pollutants in Beijing (AIRPOLL-Beijing)

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This project will provide the most comprehensive investigation of the sources and emissions of air pollutants in Beijing to date. The project is a collaboration between 6 UK universities, 7 partner research organizations, and 5 leading Chinese research institutes, and involves two campaign periods of intensive pollution measurements in Beijing during winter and summer periods. It is a detailed, integrated and wide-ranging study of air pollution sources and related phenomena in Beijing. The overarching aim is to systematically quantity the emission flux of particulate matter, ozone and nitrogen dioxide as well as their precursors (e.g. VOCs, NO, SO2 and NH3) from major sources and to authoritatively assess their contribution to ambient air pollutant concentrations in Beijing. This will result in a major enhancement to knowledge of the sources of primary and secondary air pollutants in Beijing, and in the capability of models to predict air quality and to develop mitigation measures.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/19


  • NERC: £366,784.00
  • NERC: £29,873.60



  • High End Computing cluster (HEC)

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