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The Health Case for Universal Basic Income

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The Health Case for Universal Basic Income: Why giving people free money may be the best means of making the nation healthy. Following 10 years of austerity, we are now in the midst of the most serious pandemic of the past century. Unemployment is rising and people's futures look bleak. This is having a huge impact on the nation's health. Evidence suggests that a person’s health is heavily influenced by social and economic environment: income influences housing and access to health care; predictability of income influences the extent to which individuals invest in long-term interests, and experience of inequality influences level of stress. These factors influence behaviour, such diet and drug use. Some have suggested that Universal Basic Income (UBI) could transform these factors by granting secure cash transfers to adult citizens irrespective of whether people are employed or not. As the Government is now committed to preventing, rather than just treating, ill-health and as governments elsewhere have considered introducing UBI to provide social security to citizens during COVID-19, this Lancaster Leagues event asks students to research and provide presentations for feedback on the following, critical questions: what impact might UBI have on the nation's health and is the policy feasible? Session 1: Wednesday February 3rd 5pm-7:00pm 5:00pm-6:00pm: Intro + 45-minute lecture by Dr Matthew Johnson 6:00pm-7:00pm: Students work with ambassadors in break out rooms on planning their presentations which they will then spend time planning to present next week. Students can use their own time between sessions and conduct their own research which they will present the week after. Session 2: Wednesday February 10th 5pm- 6:30pm 5:00-5:45pm: Students will present their presentations. 5:45pm-6:15pm: Dr Matthew Johnson will provide feedback. 6:15pm-6:30: Q&A and close

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TitleLancaster Leagues: Universal Basic Income
Date3/02/21 → …
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