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Terahertz Metamaterial Optoelectronic Modulators with GHz Reconfiguration Speed


  • Abdullah Zaman (Creator)
  • Riccardo Degl'Innocenti (Supervisor)
  • Yuezhen Lu (Contributor)
  • Xavier Romain (Contributor)
  • Nikita Almond (Contributor)
  • Oliver J. Burton (Contributor)
  • Jack Alexander-Webber (Contributor)
  • Stephen Hofmann (Contributor)
  • Thomas Mitchell (Contributor)
  • Jonathan D. P. Griffiths (Contributor)
  • Harvey Beere (Contributor)
  • David Ritchie (Contributor)


All-electronic ultrafast control of terahertz radiation is demonstrated in integrated metamaterial/graphene devices. By electrostatic gating the graphene conductivity, the overall optical response of the incident terahertz E-field is modified. Depending on the configuration, amplitude, phase, and polarization of terahertz radiation could be modulated with GHz range of reconfiguration speed. An extinction ratio of >7.6 dB in amplitude is achieved at the resonant frequency of 0.75 THz. Additionally, a relative phase shift of >17.4◦ is observed around a frequency of 0.68 THz. When operating as a polarization modulator, the device has reported an ellipticity change of ∼40% at a frequency of 0.68 THz and a dynamic rotation of the polarization plane by >9◦ at resonance. The switching capability of the modulators has been investigated all electronically reporting a speed exceeding 3 GHz, only limited by the available instrumentation. Consequently, GHz-speed of modulation can be achieved for frequencies around 0.75 THz. These results represent a breakthrough for all applications where a fast, versatile and efficient modulation of THz radiation is required, such as in next-generation wireless communication, quantum electronics, and ultrafast imaging

This dataset replaces the one found at: 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/526
Date made available2022
PublisherLancaster University
Date of data production2021 -

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