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Professor Adam Letchford


  1. Newsvendor Problems

    Letchford, A., Liu, J. & Svetunkov, I.


    Project: Research

  2. POP: The 2013 Newton Institute Programme on Polynomial Optimisation

    Letchford, A., Lasserre, J. B., Schweighofer, M. & Fliege, J.


    Project: Other

  3. Cutting-Plane Approaches to Integer Programming

    Letchford, A., Amaral, A., Caprara, A., Fischetti, M. & Lodi, A.

    1/01/97 → …

    Project: Research

  4. TSP: Algorithms for the Travelling Salesman Problem

    Letchford, A., Caprara, A., Fischetti, M., Fleischer, L., Lodi, A., Dehghan Nasiri, S. & Pearson, N.

    1/01/99 → …

    Project: Research

  5. VRP: Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problems

    Letchford, A., Eglese, R., Lysgaard, J., Dehghan Nasiri, S., Oukil, A. & Salazar-González, J.

    1/01/03 → …

    Project: Research

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