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Dr Anna-Lena Sachs

Senior Lecturer in Predictive Analytics

Anna-Lena Sachs

The Management School



PhD supervision

I’m always looking for motivated students who are interested in pursuing a PhD. Candidates should have a strong quantitative background (mathematics, Operations Research, Management Science, statistics, computing) and be interested in solving problems of high practical and academic relevance.

Career Details

Anna-Lena Sachs is a Senior Lecturer in Predictive Analytics at Lancaster University. Her research focuses on inventory management including the intersection to forecasting and behavioural operations management. With her research, she has informed the practices at companies in different industries such as retailing, transportation and health care.

She developed several quantitative models allowing decision makers making better inventory decisions. In field experiments and conducts laboratory she analyses what type of decision support is useful in practice and how human decision makers actually behave.

Research Interests

Anna-Lena’s research interests are in the areas of inventory management, behavioural operations management and the intersection to forecasting. She has developed new methods to solve inventory problems.

She has led and supervised many supply chain-related projects with industrial partners from retailing, automotive, manufacturing, mail services, pharma, FMCG, healthcare, transportation, travel and many more.

Her research is driven by the motivation to solve problems of high practical relevance that have not been solved before. She analyses large datasets from industry and develops novel, quantitative approaches to solve these problems.

Her current research focuses on:

  • Multi-echelon inventory problems
  • Data-driven inventory management
  • Providing decision-support for managers
  • Assigning workers to workstations
  • Markdown pricing
  • Inventory management for spare parts

Career Details

Anna-Lena Sachs is a Senior Lecturer in Predictive Analytics. She previously held a position as assistant professor in Supply Chain Management at the University of Cologne, Germany. She has a background in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim, Germany, and completed her PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Her studies and research stays took her to McGill University (Canada), UC Berkeley (USA) and University of Vienna (Austria).

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