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Dr Andrew Fielding

Senior Lecturer in Cancer Research

Andrew Fielding

Furness Building



Research overview

Cancer is a disease characterised by errors in cell cycle regulation, leading to uncontrolled cell proliferation. However, these errors also lead to cancer cells possessing unique phenotypes, such as centrosome amplification, which could potentially decrease their survival. In my laboratory we aim to understand these phenotypes and in turn target these to provide cancer-specific methods for inhibiting cell proliferation.

PhD supervision

I am always very happy to discuss MSc by Research and PhD projects, in the field of cancer cell biology. We are particularly interested in using novel therapies to specifically inhibit the growth of aggressive cancer types, such as triple-negative breast cancer and metastatic uveal melanoma. We are also interested in cell-cycle and cell migration defects in cancer. Can currently offer projects in several areas including: 1. Validation of novel cancer therapies in aggressive cancers. 2. Cell cycle defects in cancer 3. Understanding and targeting centrosome amplification in cancer. 4. The interplay between DNA damage, the cell cycle and centrosome amplification. Projects typically involve multiple techniques, including cell culture, fixed and live cell microscopy, cell growth assays and flow cytometry. Image analysis of high-content live cell imaging data is another technique used in some projects.

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