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Dr Anita Wilson

Formerly at Lancaster University

PhD supervision

Prison Education

Qualitative and Ethnographic Studies in Criminal Justice Settings

Literacies in Social Context

Current Teaching

Convenor of distance learning MALNE Module 'Literacies and Learning in Criminal Justice Settings' (start dates January 2006/January 2007)

PhD Supervisor 'Exploring Textually Mediated Insitutional Space: Prison , Hostels and Beyond (2006 - )

PhD Supervisor 'True Stories and LIttle Fictions: an exloration of law students' negotiation of Law School discourse' (awarded 2005)

PhD Examiner

Research Interests

Anita is a prison ethnographer whose general interests include all aspects of literacy-oriented activities, practices and artefacts within custodial settings. She recently completed a Spencer Post-Doctoral Fellowship (USA) which looked at how policy and practice impacts on the efficacy of prison education as it is 'lived out' on a day to day basis. Her doctoral thesis Reading a Library - Writing a Book: The Significance of Literacies for the Prison Community proposes that people in prison live in a 'third space' community, socialising the institutional in order to retain a sense of personal rather than prison identity. Her research maintains a strong focus on the ethics of working in constrained and sensitive settings, taking an ethnographic stance, and placing collaboration and the prisoners' voice at the centre of every project. She tutors one Module on the distance MA in ALNE and is linked to a number of NRDC projects. She is currently undertaking post-disciplinary work alongside colleagues from Geography on an AHRC-funded project 'Visual Imprints on the Prison Landscape' which looks at the ways in which prisoners 'write themselves' on to the prison environment as a way of combating the pressures of institutionalisation. Personal web page.

Additional Information


Improving the literacy and numeracy of young offenders and disaffected young people: Final report (co-authored with J Hurry et al) NRDC (forthcoming)


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2002 Reading a Library - Writing a Book: Prisoners' Day to

Day Engagement with Literacy/ies, International Forum on Correctional Systems Australia (Compact Disc)

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2000 co-authored with Dennison C. & Lyon J. 'Tell Them So They Listen: Messages from Young People in Custody' Home Office Research Study 201, Her Majesty's Stationery Office


1999 'Absolute Truly Brill to See from You Again' - Visuality and Prisoners' Letters' in Letter-Writing as Social Practice, eds. Barton D. & Hall N., pub J. Benjamins

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