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Dr Ann Kretzschmar

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

My PhD project uses Inverse Hydrology in the form of regularisation of a cotinuous time transfer function model (identified using data based mechanistic modelling techniques) to infer catchment rainfall. The temporal resolution of the resulting rainfall sequence has been investigated using spectral analysis and future work includes investigation of spatial rainfall patterns and identification of data that provides disinformation to the modelling process. Identification of disinformative data may help reduce the uncertainty in forecast made using the models identified.

Career Details

1981-1985 IH Wallingford - NERC computing services analyst programmer

1985 - 1994 Full-time wife and mother

1994-2001 Self-employed

2001-2002 Design Technology Technician

2002-2005 Outreach tutor, Basingstoke College of Technology

2005-2010 Lecturer IT and Media, Basingstoke College of Technology

2011-2012 Part-time administrator, CGE LEC, Lancaster University

2011 -       Demonstrator and Tutor

2011 -       IT Trainer, ISS Lancaster

2015 -       MASH tutor, Lancaster


BSc Environmental Science, Lancaster (1977) 2.1

MSc Engineering Hydrology, Newcastle (1978)

PGCE (post-compulsory education), Portsmouth (2005)

MSc Environmental Informatics, Lancaster (2011) Distinction

Additional Information

Represented Lancaster in University Challenge 2011-12 season (reached 2nd round)

Other Interests and Hobbies

Hiking especially in the Lake District. I am in process of ticking off the 'Wainwrights' - current total (November 2015) 143/214

Geocaching - a good excuse for getting out and exploring a new area

Brass banding - taken up in 1998 at 40+ so no pretensions to ever be any good. Quite happy sitting on 3rd cornet. Played with Basingstoke Silver Band for 8 years; Pilling Jubilee Silver Band 3 1/2 years including a performance at the National Brass Band Championships (resigned due to time conflicts); currently Lancaster University Brass Band including appearances in the UniBrass contest

Taking photographs - I hesitate to call it photography. My pictures are mostly snaps as reminders of the walks I have done and events I've taken part in - sometimes I get lucky and take a really good picture but it is definitely more by luck than expertise!

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