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Dr Annabelle Edwards

Senior Research Associate

Annabelle Edwards

Furness Building



Research overview

I am currently an ESRC post-doctoral research fellow based in the Lancaster University Medical School. During my fellowship year (2021-22), I will mostly be writing up papers from my thesis, preparing grant applications, and delivering teaching within the medical school.

By training I am cultural health geography/health sociologist and my interests lie (primarily) in the critical development of the 'therapeutic landscapes' concept (and its implications for social prescribing), and post-phenomenological theory and methods.  More broadly I have interests in the relationship between health and place, and in mediating influence of embodied history and embodied difference on this relationship. 

Thesis awarded (April 2020): 'A post-phenomenological study of 'therapeutic landscape' experiences'

Research Grants


ESRC post-doctoral fellowship

Career Details

Research positions at Lancaster:

2020 - 2021 Senior Research Associate and Stakeholder Research and Engagement Manager - Faculty of Health and Medicine 



SOCL 101 – Sociological Imagination – 2018-2019

Human Geography:

LEC 115 – Geographical Skills – 2015-201C

LEC 115 – Geographical Skills: Manchester field trip  2016, 2017, 2018                                    

LEC 210A – Qualitative Methods in Human Geography 2015-2019                                              

LEC 327 - Geographies of Health – 2015-2017                                                                   

LEC 326 – Cities and Globalisation – 2018-2020

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