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Dr Annmarie Ryan

Formerly at Lancaster University

Annmarie Ryan

Current Teaching


MKTG 322 Services Marketing


MKTG 402 Core Skills for Research and Practice in Marketing (Part 2: qualitative research)
MKTG403(3) Service and Relationship Marketing

MKTG 409 Dissertation supervision


BBS Marketing (Limerick); PhD in Marketing (Limerick)


I joined Lancaster University in September 2007 from Edinburgh University Management School and Economics. I undertook both my undergraduate degree and PhD at the University of Limerick Ireland, completing the latter in 2006. My doctoral supervisors were Dr Lisa O’Malley and Prof John Fahy.

Beyond my PhD related research, I have also been involved in developing alternative frames to understand relationships and networks. This work has included collaborations with Dr Lisa O’Malley, KBS and Dr Sarah Moore, Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Limerick. Central to the work thus far has been the introduction of the Drumming Circle, as a form of aesthetic knowledge, in both marketing and management education. A recent development to this work includes the application of this thinking to the area of sustainability, where the drumming circle can provide a useful framework for understanding and experiencing key issues in this area such as diversity and interdependence. In adopting non-western models businesses can both learn about the richness of other cultures as well as an opportunity to critically reflect on the impact of more traditional western approaches on management thinking more generally. Research outputs to this work include a number of conference papers (e.g. Organisational Behaviour Teachers Conference, the Sustainability in Education Conference, UK) as well publications in the Journal of Marketing Management and Innovations in Teaching and Learning, International.

On a personal level, I have a keen interest in music, particularly ‘world’ music, as well as African drumming, dance and singing.

Research Grants

I am currently funded by the LUMS’s pump-priming grant fund. The aim of this research is to explore the role and impact of networks in bringing about system level change. Of primary interest is how knowledge about the environment and responsible business practice specifically, is generated and shared within the network. In this scoping study varying empirical settings are being explored, for example co-located green firms, green SME networks and green alliances.

Research Interests

interests include learning and change in inter-organisational relationships. In particular I am interested in relationship dynamics in cross-sector relationships as well as the emergence and transference of responsible business practices within and across firms.

The former work stems primarily from my doctoral research. The context for the research was the long term sponsorship of the Galway Arts Festival by Nortel Networks, a Canadian Telecommunications company.  Due to the fact that I was able, through historical and real time research, to examine the nature of development of the sponsorship relationship over a 10 year+ time period, I had to grapple with issues of change, learning, and relationship dynamics generally.

Findings from the research illustrate the powerful effect that strong relations with stakeholders can have for a firm, in both buoyant and more difficult times. Central to the research findings include the importance that the relationship itself has on the success of the sponsorship agreement, and that ‘super-normal’ benefits can be derived by both parties who develop closer and indeed learning orientated relationships. I am developing this area of research by continuing to explore the nature of relationships between business and the non-profit sector within Corporate Social Responsibility or as part of the firm’s Sustainable Marketing initiatives.

More recently i have been working with colleagues in Finland and Ireland on responsible business practices in SME’s, with a particular focus on firms with a strong environmental or social orientation.

Current Research

current research projects inlcude:

  • Exploring the generative capacity of cross sector partnerships
  • Market practices of green firms
  • Learning and Change in Green Alliances
  • "Market Shaping and Coffee Valuation in the Ugandan Coffee Market" work with doctoral student Winfred Ikiring Onyas

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